Happy Tails Day Care & Pet Resort

Premier Dog Socialization and Off-Leash Play

Open dawn to dusk year-round, The Dog Park at Happy Tails is the pet park of choice for the Corning, Elmira, Troy, Towanda, and Athens communities. Our goal is to provide a beautiful, safe environment for dogs to run and play.

Membership Plans

As part of our commitment to creating the best possible setting for you and your pets, The Dog Park at Happy Tails utilizes magnetic key entry at the gate. Before visiting the park, members and guests must provide proof of rabies and distemper vaccination and be evaluated for socialization. Additionally, every visitor must sign a contract signifying that they have read and accepted the liability waiver and ground rules of play.

Rules of Play

Ground rules are important to keep the park a safe, fun place for both pets and their humans. Before visiting the park, members and guests must promise to adhere to the following:

  • 1. Every dog over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered.
  • 2. Owners must be present at all times to supervise their dogs. There is a limit of three dogs per adult. Your dogs must be in visual sight at all times and under your control.
  • 3. You are responsible for any injury or damage caused by your dog. After all, they are dogs and sometimes react in unpredictable ways.
  • 4. For safety reasons, all prong (pinch), spike, studded, and choke training collars must be removed before entering the Park. Gentle leaders and harnesses should also be removed before entering the Park.
  • 5. Dog waste bags are available throughout the Park at no cost. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dogs. Trash receptacles are also available. Please make sure you tie the bags shut.
  • 6. There is water available next to the pavilion. Please make sure the water is turned off after use as it comes from our well, which serves the house and Happy Tails too.
  • 7. Aggressive dogs that show aggression towards humans or other dogs must be immediately leashed and removed from the Park.
  • 8. Dogs at the Park must always be treated humanely.
  • 9. Dogs MUST be walked to and from the Park on a leash.
  • 10. All children under the age of sixteen must be supervised by a parent.
  • 11. Shoes must be worn at all times in the Park—except for the dogs, of course.
  • 12. All dogs must be healthy and have current rabies and DHPP vaccination records on file with Happy Tails. Puppies must have three sets of DHPP boosters. While the Bordetella vaccine and monthly parasite prevention (flea/tick treatment, heart worm prevention, etc.) are highly recommended for all dogs in a social setting, they are not required. If your dog has the intranasal Bordetella vaccine, they will not be allowed at the Park for 10 days. Proof of current vaccinations must be on file with Happy Tails.
  • 13. It is required that you have an Acknowledgment Agreement on file.

Visit The Dog Park at Happy Tails

Call today for a free pass, good for your first visit to The Dog Park at Happy Tails. We look forward to seeing you at the park!